Welcome Seniors!!!

Senior Exit Survey

Senior Meeting Packe
tCounselors will be meeting with all Seniors in September and October to
review the college application process.

Senior Parent Night Presentation - Offered in the Fall.  Both students and parents are encouraged to attend. 

Financial Aid-Power Point presentation from senior night

Fair Opportunity Project - College Admissions and Financial Aid Guide

View the following Post Secondary Planning Guide for information regarding the college search and application process... Post Secondary Planning Guide

Who Sends What-
A quick guide to who sends what materials during the application process


Reminders to Seniors

  • NCAA Clearinghouse- if you plan on playing a sport in college (Div 1 or Div 2), you must register (recommended that you sign up prior to junior year). It is the responsibility of the student to register and monitor eligibility requirements.  See your counselor if you have questions regarding eligibility requirements. 
  • Be aware of Deadlines and hand in all materials 2 weeks before it is due.
  • Send your SAT and ACT scores to your schools - it is the student's responsibility to forward scores through College Board and/or 
  • Turn in your community service hours to your counselor - 20 hours needed for graduation

** If you are planning to apply to a State School, please be aware in past years they have stopped accepting applications earlier than posted deadlines due to the large amount of applicants.  Especially if you want room and board, get your application in early.

 Watertown High School CEEB Code: 070-882

Make the Most of your College Fair Visit 

*Make a list of colleges of interest and do some research ahead of time.
*What do you want to find out?  
*Write up a few questions to ask the representatives of each school.  
*Ask the same questions to each school so you can compare later.
*Make sure questions are unique to you and your interests. For example, ask about extracurricular activities.  Ask about what percentage of students receive financial aid.
*Find out what classes a typical freshman in a major of your interest would take.
*If undecided, ask what services and support are offered to help you explore various majors.
*Don't forget to bring a notebook with your questions, a pen or pencil and a bag to carry the college information you will be collecting.
*Also leave time to browse and don't just focus on the well known schools.  You may find a college you never heard of with the exact major or extracurricular activities you are looking for.