Parent Teacher Organization

Welcome to the Watertown High School Parent-Teacher Organization Web Page.

WHS PTO will have meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:45 PM in the WHS library.

PTO is the link between school and home is essential to your child's success.

Daveluy's Restaurant has announced a fundraiser to support all schools.  Beginning October 4 through June 2013, customers who dine-in on Thursday evening only, will earn 10% back for their school.  (Offer does not apply to take-out.).  Therewill be a "Daveluy's receipt collection box" in each school.  Receiptswill be collected and returned to Daveluy's.  Please indicate yourschool on receipt.  See attachment.

Our main fundraisers are the Adams Supermarket Escrip Program, LaBonne's register receipts, and membership dues.  The eScrip programis a proven and powerful fundraising program that allows participatingmerchants to contribute a percentage of your grocery loyalty cards,credit card, and debit/ATM card purchases to the school or organizationof your choice.

adams.jpg click link below for the form.  Parents can sign up online or drop it off at Adams.

Our escrip number - # 6583837 .  Please note that there are 3 Watertown High Schools:  MA, SD, and TN - and then ours is listed at the end as Watertown High School PTO.

Watertown High School PTO to the Adams Escrip Program (form has the correct #)  download form. new 2/22/12.

or go online below.

Escrip Home Page.

Stop & Shop aplus logo.gif

Stop & Shop aplus logo.gif

Stop & Shop aplus logo.gif

Watertown High School is also participating in Stop and Shop’s A+ Bonus Bucks Program.

Parents and community members can help us earn great rewards. Please take a moment to enroll.

A+School Rewards is a simple and easy fundraiser for schools. With A+School Rewards your school earns points that become CASH for yourschool.  Keep in mind you need to register every year.

Go to

and click on Register Your Card.

The WHS school ID number is 08551. 


Monday, October 22, 2012.  Congratulations Watertown High School (ID: 5871)!

As of 10/17/2012 your school has earned a total of 7,850 Education Express points.
Yourschool currently has 7,850 points available.  There are 40 shoppersthat have designated your school to receive their points.

Spread the word to parents, friends and family that Big Y is awarding 1 FREE gold coin every time they earn 1,000 Education Express points for your school, from now until January 2, 2013.

If you haven't already set up a personal password to have full access to the online catalog,please refer to your welcome letter in your start up kit for the set-uppassword. Or, call program headquarters to set up thepassword.                        

Questions? Call program headquarters at 1-800-599-9017 or email us at 

Money from the PTO supports our teachers and school, providing wonderful opportunities for our students.

PTO also awards a scholarship to a graduating senior who has been an exceptional role model for other students. Forms will be available at the School Counseling Office beginning in April.

PTO donated to the digital technology center.

Together, as a group, we can do more.  Come join PTO.

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning PTO, please contact

Katie Consalvo, PTO President.