School Counseling

WHS School Counseling Department 

Phone: 860-945-4810

Fax: 860-945-2797

School Code (CEEB): 070882

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Watertown High School Local Scholarship Booklet 2019
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Mrs. Sales, Mrs. Bates, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Chunis

School Counseling Coordinator 

Mrs. Chunis X5013

School Counselors

Last name A-C & T-Z      Mrs. Bates    X5016

Last name D-J      Mrs. Sales         X5014

Last name K-P          Mrs. Robinson   X5017     robinsonme@watertownps

Last name Q-S           Mrs. Chunis      X5013

Special Education Coordinator

Dr. Lemos X1415

School Psychologist

Dr. Ambrose X5077

Ms. Anderson X5015

School Social Worker

Mrs. Flamengo 860-945-4840 

School Speech and Language Pathologist

Mrs. Freimuth  X5091

School Counseling Secretary

Mrs. Bohan X5012

College Sweatshirt Day
October 20, 2016
To recognize the early action deadlines, seniors and staff are invited to wear college sweatshirts. 

college sweatshirt day
            Mrs. Bartlett, Ms. Kilmartin, Mrs. Keating, Mrs. Sales, Ms. O'Leary, Mrs. Robinson
              Mrs. Chunis, Ms. Borges

Our Philosophy

As school counselors at Watertown High School, our mission is toprovide equal access for the student population in the areas ofacademic, career, and personal/social development.  We approach thismission with a staff of culturally competent counselors who willadvocate for and facilitate continual individual and school-wide change,in accordance with professional ethical guidelines.  With the use ofdata and collaborative interactions with stakeholders, such as faculty,families, and community members and resources, we will help prepare eachstudent for their future endeavors by promoting self awareness andsuccessful strategies for learning.  We believe that our department isan integral part in our total education program for student success thataligns with our district and school goals.


Mission Statement 

The School Counseling Department will provide a developmentallyappropriate comprehensive program to all students, which focuses onfulfilling their academic, career, and personal social needs.  Through asupportive and collaborative relationship with other educators,parents/guardians, and the community, we strive for all students toexhibit the necessary social, emotional, and academic growth needed tobecome productive and responsible members of society.